Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UFC News Update - Sept. 22, 2010

 1. UFC 119 Preview: The Main Card

I don’t much care for main events. They’re often overhyped and anticlimactic, which essentially defeats the purpose of a main event.

UFC 119 has been batted around a bit because a headliner between Frank Mir and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic isn’t all that relevant in the current heavyweight division, and there is no argument to be made against that stance.

Then again, the main card has five fights any fan worth his or her salt wants to see whether it be for nostalgic thrill or stylistic gold. Here to cut through all the nonsense and deliver the goods is the same guy coming off a disastrous night of picks for UFC Fight Night 22.  
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2. UFC 119 Fight Card: What Chris Lytle Must Do To Beat Matt Serra

Chris Lytle and Matt Serra have a history. They first met during the 4th season of the Ultimate Fighter: The Comeback. During the finale, Serra defeated Lytle  by split decision.'The Terror' defeated Lytle  by split decision in the finale, with Lytle  being the more active fighter on the feet, and Serra tying up and using foot stomps until he got takedowns.

This allowed him to be the aggressor forcing Lytle to hold guard and stall hoping that the ref would stand them up. In the end the fight ended up being pretty close, so I am sure that 'Lights Out' is more than a bit excited to get into it with Serra again. Read full story |

3. UFC 119 Preview Part Two: Sean Sherk vs. Evan Dunham

Sean Sherk is walking into the octagon for the first time since losing to Frankie Edgar at UFC 98 in 2009. Over a year later, his return is against another up-and-comer in Evan Dunham. Dunham has made quick work of his opponents so far in the UFC, and seems to be ready to step up his level of competition. On September 25th, 2010, both men are walking into the octagon with tons of pressure on their shoulders, and something to prove to the mixed martial arts community.

Question One: Is Sean Sherk truly washed up?

The media, fans and bookies all over the world are quickly counting Sean Sherk out. Not only “out” of this fight, but “out” in terms of relevance in the world of mixed martial arts. Simply because he failed a drug test and lost a couple of his latest fights doesn’t mean that Sean Sherk is done. His only four losses are against some of the greatest...  
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4. Belfort off UFC 122, booked to face Silva

There's no such thing as a 24-hour news cycle in mixed martial arts. MMA Weekly reported last night that Vitor Belfort had to dump out of the Yushin Okami fight at UFC 122. It turns out that it wasn't an injury.  
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